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Luigi Carlo De MiccoLuigi Carlo De Micco is active as an international consultant, interim manager and investor.


In the new eBook "IPO - How small and medium enterprises can be financed via the stock exchange," he writes as a practitioner from the experience he has drawn from the numerous IPOs and mergers & acquisitions, he has accompanied.



Luigi was born in 1964 and has been living since 2001 in his adopted home of Monte Carlo. As an international consultant and diplomat, he advises not only executives of international companies but also governments, particularly in Latin American countries. Luigi speaks besides his native language German, also English, Spanish, Italian and some French. More information on his business activities can be found under


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How you get what you want


How you get what you wantHis latest book, "How you get what you want" landed shortly after appearing on several bestseller lists. This unique book about interpersonal communication is at the moment available in German, English, Spanish and Romanian.


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Further information on communication and the bestseller as well as current lectures and seminars, can be found under

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From the Author:

"It is never too early to prepare the future of a company . There is no inappropriate Moment, but rather only poor concepts or lame excuses."

(Interview CNN, Atlanta 2001)

Luigi Carlo De Micco"The success of a company depends largely on being able  to judge the future in the best possible way. The best way is to shape the future itself."

Lecture World Economic Forum, 2003

"We have not gone public, to become rich or famous. The objective is rather to grow - faster and more sustainable than all others."

Speech at the NASDAQ, 2001